Student bike rental Thomas More

  1. These rental regulations are applicable for the rent of student bicycles between 1 July and 30 June.

  2. The bicycle which is rented has a unique identification number and remains the property Thomas More. Selling, buying, sub-rental or exchanging is forbidden. The renter is always personally responsible for following the rental regulations, even if a third person uses the rented bicycle.

  3. The rented bicycle can be collected by the student-renter after drawing up the rental contract and paying the rental price for the rental period decided upon. The rental price is NEVER returned when handing in the bicycle before the end of the rental period, except when ending the study period prematurely. The bicycles can be rented for 7 euro/month.

    The rented bicycle is technically and legally in order. If the renter notices defects during the first week of the rental period, these will be repaired for free. He/she needs to present the bicycle as soon as possible at the pick-up and repair point. This does not apply for damage incurred by the renter of by third persons during this period.

  4. The renter is always responsible for the damage incurred to the bicycle and/or the chain lock as well as loss or damage of bicycle parts. During the rental period the bicycle can only be turned in for repairs at the pick-up and repair points. The renter will always pay the repairs cash.

  5. All bicycles have to be returned at the latest on the first working day after the end date mentioned on the rental contract. At the end of the contract the bicycle will be checked carefully and the repair costs will be subtracted from the deposit. The deposit will be returned by means of a bank transfer . If the repairs cost more than the deposit, the renter pays the extra costs. If the bicycle is returned too late, the following fines will be counted:

    Up to 7 calendar days after the final date of the contract: 10,00 euro

    From the 8th day up to 1 month: 20,00 euro

    From the 2nd month onwards: 30,00 euro

    Per extra month 10,00 euro extra will be counted.

  6. Fill in the application form on this website to rent your bike. More info: If you have any further questions you can contact