Student bike rental Thomas More

Who can rent a bike?

All students registered at Thomas More Geel, Lier, Vorselaar, Turnhout, Mechelen, De Nayer or KU Leuven Geel and De Nayer can rent a bike. During school holidays bike repairs will not be able on campus, nor a spare bike will be available.
Personnel of Thomas More can rent a bike when available and no sooner than October 15 of the current academic year. In case of a waiting list, they can be asked to hand in their bike. Students of campus Antwerpen can only ask for an e-bike of Thomas More. If they want to rent a city bike, they can contact Levanto, Velo or Cloudbike.

City bike

The cost of renting a bike is 35 euro per semester. For administrative reasons, the semester price is also charged for shorter rental periods. If you have any problems with your bike you have to go to James (Mechelen), Stuvo (Geel, Turnhout, De Nayer), reception desk (Vorselaar), secretariat (Lier). They will tell you where you can get your bike fixed or, if possible, if you can have a spare bike. During the rental period all costs are for the student.
Always inform the rental location on your campus in case of loss or severe damage, no later than the day after you lost or damaged your bike. If you can hand in the key of your bike, you have to pay 100 euro as compensation. If you cannot hand in the key of your bike, you will have to pay a fine of 400 euro. When there are any bikes left, you can rent another bike.
Loss or theft must always be reported at the local police station.
If the stolen or lost bike is found within 6 months, either by you or by us, we will return you the paid loss or new value, after deduction of collect and repair costs.

Electric bike

Two types of electric bikes are available:

  • E-bike with electric assistance up to max. 25 km/h
  • E-bike with electric assistance up to max. 45 km/h

You must have a driver’s licence for the latter one.

Students rent this e-bike in a hire-purchase system. This means that you are free to buy the bike at any time during the rental period. The amount of rent you already paid at that moment will be subtracted from the purchase price. Renting an e-bike 25km/h will cost you 60 euro/month. Renting an e-bike 45km/h will cost you 100 euro/month. Both bikes include also a bike bag in which you can put your laptop in. Renting an e-bike 45 km/h contains also the legal civil liability insurance and a bike helmet. Personnel of Thomas More have not the possibility to buy the bike.

You conclude a contract for an indefinite period of time. This starts on the first of the month in which you collect your bike. You can end the contract by sending an e-mail to before the 20th of the month.
Signing the contract means that you are committed to a free maintenance of your bike at least once each semester. Any damage not covered by the insurance will be charged to the tenant. This also applies for theft or loss. In case this is not covered by the insurance, you will have to pay the rest value of the bike.

How can I rent a bike?

Fill in the appropriate application form in the left column. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation mail. Until further notice you can collect your bike at the start of your contract.
You can fetch your contract at the rental location of your campus, written in the confirmation mail. Renting a city bike means paying immediately the total sum. If you rent an electric bike you will receive an invoice on monthly basis.

This site consists of most articles for those who intend to rent a bike of Thomas More. Nevertheless, we advise you to read beforehand the general conditions when renting a city bike, or the general conditions and insurance conditions when renting an electric bike, because you will undersign these documents. It contains all details, regulations, exact amount and the rights and obligations of both parties.

More Info

If you have any question concerning renting a bike, please mail to